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Research exposes water, sanitation inaccessibility for homeless and drug users during the pandemic
News Medical, 2024

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During Peak of COVID-19 Some Lacked Access to Safe Water and Lavatories
UC San Diego, 2024

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During Peak of COVID-19 Some Lacked Access to Safe Water and Lavatories
News wise, 2024

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Taxing Women's Bodies
UC San Diego, 2023


Tijuana River Population: Special Report
Telemundo, 2022

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Police arrests interrupt health treatments for inhabitants of the Tijuana River
El sol de Tijuana, 2023

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The Tijuana River Exceeds Contamination Levels
El Imparcial 2023

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Diseases and Drugs Threaten US Deportees Lives: Study
Crónica, 2023

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Covid-19 Must Improve Hygienic Habits
El Sol de Tijuana, 2020

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Health Hazards of the Tijuana River Population
Uniradio Informa, 2023

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Water of El Bordo: A Social Justice Issue
El sol de Tijuana, 2019

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Growing pollution of the Tijuana River hurts thousands of migrants deported from the United States who live marginalized.
Gobernantes, 2023

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92% of "El Bordo" residents are men and inject heroin
La Jornada, 2023

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Coronavirus Staying Notch of the California-Mexico border
Valley Central, 2020

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